Originating as an authentic Schwab household, then a holiday house for friends, and now a family business; Casa Altringen was born from a desire to share the joy and wonder of the countryside with others.

Our rooms can accommodate up to 22 guests in rooms ranging from single, double, and full suites complete with private bathroom and adorned with locally sourced decor. The main dining area can fit up to 40 guests and is fitted with an inviting fireplace and cozy, refurbished furniture. The terrace is big enough for another 30, making our home suitable for groups of up to 70 people.

Our guesthouse is both child and family friendly with a wide range of activities: bicycles available for rent to explore the surrounding area and garden games abound on the lovely 3,000 sq. m grounds. At Casa Altringen, we are also able to coordinate various professional events with two fully equipped conference rooms.
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