The small village retreat in Banat has lain at the foot of the forest since the Schwabs used to call Altringen home. The first houses were built in 1463 on the site of today's village, and after colonization by Germans from 1770 to 1771, Altringen and Charlottenburg were born, the first one taking the name of Count Karl Ignaz Clary-Aldringen, civil governor of Banat and the latter bearing the namesake of his wife.

Recăşel or Altringen, both refer to the same small Schwab village. Over the years, the authentic beauty of Banat has attracted Serbian, Hungarian and Romanian people, multiculturalism becoming the true wealth of the place.

While travelling through Schwab land, take time to enjoy a visit to Basilica Maria Radna, a walk to Charlottenburg, a bike ride to Buzad or even onwards to Șoimoș Fortress, where the Mureș River’s commanding presence can be felt amidst the quiet surroundings. These are some of the many picturesque sites within easy reach of Casa Altringen.
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