Reaching us is easy, whether your are travelling from Timișoara or Arad. We are located less than one-hour drive by car from either city, and the bus going to Bogda from Timișoara stops right next to our guesthouse.

If you are coming from Timișoara, follow the road to Lipova, pass Giarmata and Pișchia, then turn right in Mașloc on the road leading to Casa Altringen for another 11 kilometers.

From Lipova, exit the city from Strada Timișorii and follow the road straight ahead to Mașloc. There, turn left to Casa Altringen, right in front of the church.

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Altringen no. 21
307071, Bogda village, Timiș county
Mobile phone: +40 724 538 640
Phone: +40 256 234 315

GPS: Lat. 45.9805556, Long. 21.5533333

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