All the services at Casa Altringen can be paid in cash or with credit card, whichever suits you best.

Accommodation Sunday-Thursday (VAT 9% included)
Double room/night: 140 lei
Single room/night: 110 lei
Apartment/night: 165 lei, two bedrooms

Accommodation Friday and Saturday (VAT 9% included)
Double room/night: 170 lei
Single room/night: 135 lei
Apartment/night: 200 lei, two bedrooms

Conference rooms (VAT 20% included)
Small conference room/day: 248 lei, fits 15 people
Big conference room/day: 310 lei, fits 20 people

Meals (VAT 9% included)
Breakfast: 15 lei, buffet
Lunch: 45 lei, 3 course meal
Dinner: 45 lei, 3 course meal
Soup: 10 lei
Main course: 28 lei
Desert: 10 lei
Appetizer: 10 lei

Breakfast not included in room rate.
Free accommodation and meals for children under 3.
50% discount on meals for children aged 4 - 10.
Cribs available upon request.
Special travelling packages available upon request.

Standard fares for accommodation and meals (printable version)

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